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Precision Press Brakes

Our Amada HRB and Trumpf 3066 precision brakes can produce repeated, accurate parts within thousandths of an inch repeatedly. Brackets, boxes, simple or complex bends, let us make them for you!

Laser Cutting

Mitsubishi 8K fiber laser with automation for production level cutting. Up to 1" thick carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless, clean parts, incredibly accurate, good lead times.

Precision/Production Sawing

Handling sizes up to 18", our automatic saws can save you tons of cut time while providing clean edge and accurate cuts.  Miters are not a problem and sequenced cutting/staging is something we're glad to do.

Plasma with Bevel

With our AKS Plasma system, we can plasma cut your steel plates up to 2" thick and oxy-fuel cut even thicker.  And, this machine can bevel so you're fit-ups are much nicer and field grinding for welding is completely eliminated!  Weld bevels, part marking, bevel with landings or full bevels are all possible.

Robotic Welding Cells

When an assembly needs to be done in the hundreds or thousands, our robotic cells can handle the work!  We can weld your part, multiples at a time to help drive down cost, improve quality, and ensure even flow of products to your dock.

Dragon Pipe and Tube Cutting

We can cut your tube and pipe with holes, copes, angles, etc in one step with this machine. Save yourself setup time and field measuring by sending us your specs and letting us do it for you. We can also etch and part mark as needed.

And more....

Talented fabricators to weld your assemblies and parts, plate shear, roll, CAD and 3D drawing assistance. Just ask, we can likely make it happen.

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