Metal Processing

Metal Processing

Produced How You Want It

If you have exacting specifications for how you want the metal components for your projects, then Winchester Metals is here for you. Our equipment is able to process all types of metal. So if you need metal cut, sheared, rolled, sawed, or burned, contact us today.


We can saw everything from beams to bars up to 18″ either in multiple lengths or one piece at a time.  On our 50-ton ironworker, we can chop flat bars, small angles, channels and rounds to size in large quantities quickly when you don’t need a saw-cut edge.

Metal cutting is a common step involved with many welding-related jobs, whether the application is in the fabrication shop or on a job site. Two popular metal-cutting processes to choose from are plasma arc and oxy-fuel cutting (Propylene fuel to burn).
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Our two brake presses have the capacity to shape sheets and plates of various thickness up to 12′ feet in length. Stair treads, pans and other common shapes are regularly done in our shop. Our skilled operators can brake to your specifications and tolerances. If your job requires stair pans, treads, nosings, we should be your supplier!


We can shear up to 3/4″ A36 carbon steel plate as wide as 12′ and some hardened alloy plates up to 3/16″.  Ask your salesperson for accurate capacities.


With our plate-rolling machine, custom radii for flat bar rings or plate are available. Up to 1/4″ thick and 48″ long

We are now offering laser cutting on two lasers: We have a Trumpf 1030 TruLaser: 5′ x 10′ shuttle tables up to 1/2″ thick carbon steel, 1/4″ stainless and aluminum. We also have an Amada, LC 2012 Punch/Laser.
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Robotic Welder

Used for some of our more repetitive projects, our robotic welding system can produce thousands of items a week, allowing our talented welders to work on more challenging projects. Watch the video to see it in action!