Costs of Partnering with a Metal Fabricator

When it comes to cost, you may have no idea what to expect while working with a metal fabricator. Depending on the shop, the quote and information that you receive may vary to some extent; but within the industry, there are certain standards that are typically held by the majority of metal fabricators.

Once you decide on the right partner for the job, you will meet with at least one member of the team to plan. The plan will start with identifying your needs, the size of the project, your time frame, and your budget. With that information, you will receive a quote and then you will make the decision whether to move forward. These are a few things that are normally included in the total price:

Fabrication Materials

Obviously, unless you are supplying them, the cost of materials required for the project will be included in partnering with a metal fabrication shop. Shipping of materials or additional equipment that is required (such as for welding) will also be included in the quote.


It all depends on the size and type of project you are working on. When you partner with a metal fabricator, there should be an initial consultation where a quote or estimate is discussed. The installation cost will likely include:

  • Required permits by the city and state
  • Safety tools and equipment used by the installation team
  • Installation by trained professionals of the trade
  • Transport of fabricated parts to the installation site

Customized Engineering

The cost projection should include any custom engineering, if applicable. If the project is a building or construction site, it is often required to be signed off by the city or state before starting. This process necessitates the proficiency and signature of a licensed engineer. Since these types of projects have a legal requirement, there may be extra costs involved.

Make sure you find the right metal fabrication business to partner with before you start worrying about the costs. Get a referral, a 2nd or 3rd estimate, and learn more about what each shop specializes in. Also be sure to check out the previous projects to review quality, cost, and efficiency.