Alexandria, Va

Alexandria, Va

Find quality craftsmanship for your metal fabrication projects with us at Winchester Metals. We are always ready for a challenge and to exceed your expectations. Our 35 years near Alexandria, VA have been filled with a drive to improve our processes with the changing time and technology. The results have been growth in abundance of a loyal customer base and just knowing our quality is at your satisfaction is a success in itself.

Since our business actually began with an opening of a metal scrapyard in the early 1900s by Louis Zuckerman. It eventually developed into a fruitful metal fabrication shop, full service and providing metal processing, distribution, of a number of our own products. This scrap yard became the family business; and developed with time, through 3 generations.

At Winchester Metals, we continuously work to improve our processes and tweak our products to better serve you. Please ask us about our many services, including:

  • Rolling
  • Laser Cutting
  • Sawing/Chopping
  • Burning
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Braking Shearing

For all of our valued clients near Alexandria, VA, our manufacturing department offers fabrication, house beams, embed weldments, and custom columns.

We are an AISC Certified Facility, certified by Simple Bridge, Certified Bridge Component, and Certified Building Fabricator. Precision sheet metal fabrication, which we also offer, is a routine process in the manufacturing industry. While it is not needed for every metal processing project, it is very helpful for the process.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

  • Automated Laser Cutting, Brake Formatting, and Robotic Welding
  • Tooling & Finishing Services
  • Pem Installation & Hardware
  • Press Brake Formatting
  • Punchin

Not only do we offer metal processing services, but quality products for you to enjoy as is. Already processed parts are also available for large and small constructs. Our custom fire rings are popular for homeowners to add a touch of warmth to their outdoor décor. Check out the Watchman Stove, a product we proudly developed in a beautiful partnership – it’s a unique and versatile outdoor stove, that you are sure to love.

We are here to answer any questions about our metal fabrication processes and products. If you are near Alexandria, VA we are the solution for you and at Winchester Metals your vision is our mission.